Hydraulic S.S. Mixer Drum


Hydraulic S.S. Mixer Drum

General Description

This is a mixer drum is made by Stainless Steel Chromium, No 316 and which has some easiness fort he process, charge and discharge and also saving for heating and water consomption.When it helps the mixing of chemicals in a beter way, the reaction appers faster.Beside of all these advantages operating of the machine is complately made computer. It is designed by thinking of to get the best processing as short as possible time by the help of suitable process control at the help leather factories.

Some sections in leather processing technology such as wetting ,liming, pickling ,chroming, retaning,dyeing can be controlled by computer system.

To save the heating and energy the body is covered by polyurethan which is filled by enjection between main body its over plating.

The negative effects of vapour in the factory is minimized by using of the hydraulic controlled of cover.Mixer takes the water automatically with the degrees and the quantity which is alreadly requested before running of the process.This adjustment is done by P/C regarding the weight of charged goods.

Mixer drum has also weight balance to provide the best quantity of water,heating and the chemicals.The hydraulic S.S. mixer has the adjustment of the working angle ,ıt locks itself by hydraulic pistons to keep safely the running position.

In its systems there is no noice and it runs without vibration.The speed can be changed by electronic frequency controller within 0-17 rpm.

Accomplisment and quality are gethering with the DERİ-MAKSAN HYDRAULİC S.S. MIXER DRUM.

Technical Specifications