Full Automatic Rotary Spraying Machine


Full Automatic Rotary Spraying Machine

General Description

DERİ-MAKSAN is the first company produce spraying plant which functions are controlled and adjusted by computer.The time for preparing to run, adjustment for operation and maintenance and cleaning after operation are minimized.

The adjusment of air and pigment sprayed by guns are made by computer as either increase or decrease of pressure,in this operation,the guns are not needed to adjust one by one

The speed of carosel and conveyor and the height of the guns from the conveyor are adjusted also by computer and all these adjustments are saved by computer in order to re-use

The machine is furnished with rinsing system to re-gain of the dye and quick cleaning of the hoses and lines. The system warns the operator to clean the machine after operation and saves all functions on its memory, in case of to be cleaned,system notices the controller.

The other specifications are third pump and line for different colours of dye,perlon wine washing system,well izoleted drier chambers.New design of serpantines provide mone power with less energy and new design of radial fans have more air currency.

For finishing section of leather industry,you’ll catch the accompolıshment and qualıty with DERİ-MAKSAN’s FULL AUTOMATIC SPRAYING MACHINE

Technical Specifications

Bilgisayarlı 12 Kollu Otomatik