Polyester Tipping Paddle


Polyester Tipping Paddle

General Description

  • Polyester body is reinforced and produced by special materials that is enduring to the mechanic effect acids and bases
  • The metal parts which contacted whit water are keeped by polyester
  • The paddle whell wings and filter are selected from tropic and hard IRAKO tree
  • It’s workıng system is with double or single turn engine and reinforced by storng redictor
  • It hungs on two steel legs with unstable position
  • By the hydaurilic pistons that are at the two sides, emptying and filling can be easyl realized
  • The electrıc panel is on the machine the heating control system can be added when you want
  • The water empties with two valves which directed from control panel when the operation ended
  • It is % 75 more productive then concrete and wooden paddle whell for time ,water and workman ship

Technicial Specifications

Polyester Pervane