Sulphiding Machine


Sulphiding Machine

General Description

The sulphiding machine is designed in order to pulverize automaticly of liquid of sodium sulphure and solution of lime apply on the skins.

Machine’s frame is stainless steel not be effect by the acids and alkalines .The main parts of the machine are liquid tank,spraying booth,re-charge tank,conveyor and vacuum cleaner,ıt ıs reduced the labour costs and consumption of chemical. A mixer motor is connected into the tank to mix the solutions.

The excess liquid which is not sprayed on the skins is gathered into the tank under the conveyor and pumped to main after being filtered.The perlon string are cleaned by the special aparate while machine is run,vacuum cleaner blows out the vapour of the liquid.

Working Width : 1600 mm
Length : 4500 mm
Power : 5,5 KW
Capacity : 800 pcs/hour