Spraying Machine Ecologic Type 2


Spraying Machine Ecologic Type 2

General Description

  • This model of  Spraying Machine has 12 (dyeing) + 12 (polısh)=24 guns in order to spraying on the less cycles and speeds.It provides dyeing economy up to 30% and quality on the dyeing.The speed of conveyor and carousel controlled by special speedy controllers.
  • Exhaust system is made by fan and dry system which provides excellent absorbent. By optionally, dye dusts are protected to speread to around with ecologial chimney system. Spraying booth and chimney are completely covered by Stainless Steel which is endured to eternity.
  • In order to avoid to dyeing consumptions weigh bridge is equipped to the machine.
  • Front glasses of carousel and side covers of cooling cabinet are covered by emergency switches which provides opening and closing by pneumatic system.
  • Electric box is mada accordingly to CE norms.
  • Machine has 4 pieces pumps for dyeing and 1 pump for polıshing as separated .
  • Operator can apply 2 or 3 different colors from 2 or 3 different channels at the same time.
  • Perlon wires can be cleaned by the dry system with peeling off which is revolving equipment
  • The distance of perlon wires is 15mm.
  • Drying cabinet is isolated by polyurethan material which provides minumum heating loss. Cooling time is speeded up by the opening covers stated both sides.
  • Diaphragm dyeing pumps have the system to gain the dyes in order to dyeing consumption.
  • Carousel can be modified to move as 17 cm up and down.
  • Conveyor reducer is connected to conveyor reducer to prevent the energy losing.
  • Speedy controllers are applied into the drying cabinets that never used on any machine up to now.İt effects skin can be dried on required heating cycles.For example,less cycles on the thin skins, high cycles on the thick skins.

Technical Specifications