Automatic Rotary Spraying Machine


Full Automatic Rotary Spraying Machine

General Description

Rotary spraying machine consist of running carrier,spraying chamber and drying cabinets,rotor speed is independent of conveyor speed and adjustable seperately. Both speeds may be adjusted in wide range of speed limits.

Mean while you can absorve speeds on LCD display which is located on electronic control unit. This feature is specially useful for repeatable performance of the machine.

In addition you are provited with the quantity and total surface area of measured skins. Measuring accuary is higner than the compatible machines. Optical distances between each sensor is exactly 20 mm. This feature results in loer dye consumption.

Two seperate dye polısh channels removes the potential problems of  dye/polısh flowıng.Pumps, for both channels are air-operated which is the most efficient way to discarding pumping problems. Using well-isolated drier cabinet temparature is controlled.

Our spraying machine has been manufactured using standart parts in order to keep then running in unfavorable condition and reduce the servicing time for  the benefit of our costumers.

We also,keep sufficient amount of stock for a fast response to any demand from our costumers.

2 year guarantee and warranty service and maintenance of machines are available in an infinite.

Technical Specifications

Klasik Tip Otomatik Boyama
Klasik Tip Otomatik Boyama