Wool Drying Tunnel


Wool Drying TunnelWool Drying TunnelWool Drying Tunnel

General Description

Length of the machine: 12.000 mm
Width: 2.300 mm
Height: 1.800 mm
Working area width: 1.500 mm
Heating system: Buhar

  1. Machine’s conveyor band is produced from 314 chrom nickel it has mor life cycle then produced from galvansied iron,
  2. Chrome nickel conveyor band can be adjustable to the desired speed between 0 and 12 spin by speed control instrument
  3. Machine is consist of 2 heat cabin and 1 cool cabin,
  4. The every cabin has 2 steam serpantine and 2 fan
  5. As well as to being able to control the cabin tempreature, divisional temreature control are avaible in cabinets (for example like first cabin has low tempreature, 2. one has high tempreature)
  6. Moisture which composed inside is controlled by humidity sensonrs and control devices during drying and automatically defrost by the fan system,
  7. Because of fans, hot dry air provide homogen drying pass through wool as diagonally,
  8. Polyurethane insulation thanks to the drop-down doors, maintenance and cleaning of the machine is facilitated,
  9. Last exit from cooling fans in the drying of wool can be ensured without compromising its character and sticking to each other,