Stainless Steel Mixer


Stainless Steel Mixer

General Description

  • This is a fully automated leather processing cupboard which is a completely stainless stell
  • ( Cr-Ni ) design, universal leather processing machine which serves economically all Turbo-Mixer modern tanneries
  • The pump body and rotor are made of special cast stainless stell casting do not requere fitler,no air bubbling easy maintain
  • The chemical stuff which is to be taken into the mixer ,can be entered without stopping the machine but only with operating the valves on the circulation pipes, as per the requered quantity and as per the desired speed .This procudere lets the stuff to enter into the process homogenously
  • The temparature in the mixer can be adjusted to the required degree by means on the heat control mechinism present on the control panel.The heating is done by means of infecting steam into the circulation pipe in a secure and automatic manner

Technical Specifications