Continuous Toggle Drier


Otomatik Gergi Makinası

General Description

Rotary Toggle Drier is furnished by continious pieces of frames which the leather can be toggled imespective of the frame sizes. There is no more manuel job about stretching

Advance of conveyor is conrolled by intervals either manualy by pedal or automaticaly by 2 timers.The first timer controls the advance and the second one duration when the conveyor is stopped. The conveyor can be run reverse in case it is necessary.

Stretch processing is totaly automatic and stretch volume can be set by plus-minus buttons between 0-100 mm

Drying system is equipped with high-performance electrial fans heat serpantines,filters and drying ducts extend through the lengt of the machine over and under conveyor.This way provides blowing of the hot air towards the leathers.Besides there are adjustable exhausts for

The evacuation of the air to control of the humidity in the machine.Drying temparature can be stabilized by the thermostatic controller.

All the equipment on the board work by 24 volts and the machine is furnished with safety devices.The connection of electical motors is equipped by special pipes.Machine is constructed by box-profiled iron and the toggle frames are electro-galvanized for protecrion against corrosive effects.

Otomatik Gergi Makinası
Otomatik Gergi Makinası