Dry Drum (Cr-Ni)


Krom Nikel Tav Dolabı

General Description

  • The tannery drum boiler of leather is produced with stainless steel.
  • The inside and the outside of drum boiler is completely stainless and   spotless steel. It is isolated with silk fiber and the  heat cconsumption is reduced.
  • Door bolts are mechanical and design so that they can’t be seen.
  • For the security, the side parts of the drum are completely closed   t and the safe of the front parts are provided with the security  handle
  • For any kind of danger, the power supply installation is completely hiden, and it is linked to the electric power table.
  • The Pneumatic Brake System is designed for providing the stopping of drum cover in required direction.
  • The stainless steel tannery drum dresses every kind of leather in Rrequired quality in a short time.
  • The closed circuit of air circulation never leaves any dust with its eemission unit. It never gives any harm to the weakest texture of leather.
  • Never makes any dirt while the operating of different colored ddressing. Programmable heat and wet control system is available.
  • Different dimensions and capacity are available.