Derimaksan in Press


The congratulation scene of our company that is invited the reception which given in Mongolia by Honarable Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, President of Republic of Turkey.


With T.C. 9th President Süleyman Demirel..


The press image of our President, Hüseyin Gülmez with President of Kazakhstan, Nur Sultan Nazarbeyev during the opening of SE-MİR Leather Factory which is established by Deri-Maksan in Semiplatinski, Kazakhstan


The images of Our President, Hüseyin GÜLMEZ with Member of Parliament, Minister BATTULGA Khaltmaa at the President of Mongolia


Owner of the company, Hüseyin Gülmez and his 30 year old friend from Uzbekistan who establish 2nd tannery in our center office


During the meeting with North Iraqi investors who decide to complete their project with our company as a result of their research in Turkey.


The photo of Sudanese investors are under the flag of Sudan, after the meeting in our office.


Our stand at International Exhibition for Footwear Materials, Components, Leather and Technologies, on May 9-12, at Istanbul Expo Center


The press image of President of Deri-Maksan, Hüseyin Gülmez together with President of Pakistan, Mr. Faruk Ahmet Kan Leghari who visited the stand of Deri-Maksan at the leather fair held in Pakistan


The image of Mesut YILMAZ, who was the Prime Minister of Turkish Republic, during his visit to our stand at the international fair held in Istanbul.


With Former Minister of Industry Yalım Erez.


The photos of Deri-Maksan Presidents together with Ismailov, assistant of the Uzbekistan President Islam Kerimov, during his visit to Deri-Maksan in Izmir, Turkey


The image of the protocol of establishment of leather factory with Azerbaijan committee in press


The press images taken during the opening of KAS-MİR leather factory that Deri-Maksan turn-key established in Kasansay, Uzbekistan.


The press images taken during the opening of Gul-Mir leather factory that Deri-Maksan turn-key established in Gulistan, which had also a leather confection factory in Taskent, Uzbekistan.


The press images of our president taken during the opening of ALTIN DERİ leather factory that Derimaksan turn-key established in Andijan, Uzbekistan.


Photos of Kenya Government Authority, Julius Ole Sunkuli, and Kenya Pan Pacific Holding official, Kulvinder Rana, together with the Chairman of the Board of our company, Hüseyin Gülmez, at the boardroom of our company


The images of Hüseyin Gülmez and Cumhur Şirin with Vice Minister TSOGTGEREL Bayanjargal at the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture of Mongolia


The images of Our President Hüseyin GÜLMEZ and Leather Engineer Cumhur ŞİRİN with Director, Tseveenravdan BAYARMAA and Senior Officer, D.AMARJARGAL at the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture of Mongolia / Department for Coordination of Light Industrial Policy Implementation


The scene while our company signed turnkey factory project  in Mongolia, it’s capacity 3000 kg cattle, 1800 item sheep and goats  daily (include garment).


After the leather symposium in Syria, the image of our Syrian representative Bahri Vatansever, our president Hüseyin Gülmez and sales manager Okan Ateşler with the sector representatives in the press.


Some images from the Deri-Maksan stand at the Turkish Export Products fair, held in Moscow, the capital of Russia


The image of our President Hüseyin Gülmez and sales manager Okan Ateşler in front of the machine which was exhbited by Deri-Maksan company at the Tanning Tech Fair held in Italy


The image of Deri-Maksan stand at the Turkish export products fair held in the capital of China


The view of our president, Hüseyin Gülmez when he was honoured as the businessman of the year in the field of leather machinery by Journal of Leather Fashion


After the sales contracts had signed between Indian factories and Deri-Maksan, the image of our officials and Indian committee in press


The image of our president, Hüseyin Gülmez with the president of Carlessi company, Duilio Carlessi in the press, after the agreement of Know-How contract between these two presidents


The image of stand of Deri-Maksan which is the only company from Turkey as being a leather machine manufacturer at the fair held in Shanghai, China.


The image of our sales manager, Okan Ateşler with our first Greece agency Yanis Arnavutoğlu in the press at the time of machine delivery of DERİ-MAKSAN which is the first Turkish company that exports leather machine to Greece.


Ruanda Governor, Mrs. Odetta, and Commercial Attache of Ruanda Embassy in Turkey, Vivian Kayitesi, together with the Chairman of the Board of our company, Hüseyin Gülmez, are at a briefing about leather processing machines at Aegean Region Chamber of Industry


The images of the meeting between the sector representatives and Deri-MAKSAN president Hüseyin Gülmez with our sales manager Okan Ateşler during the fair held in Johannesburg, South Africa, which Deri-MAKSAN also attended to


Image of Our Chairman Hüseyin Gülmez and our company’s Leather Department Head, Leather Engineer Cumhur Şirin in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia where they have gone for contract.


After the protocol establishment between Deri-Maksan and Şöhret Can who is the governer of Namangan/Uzbekistan, his image with our president, Hüseyin Gülmez, in press.


The press view of our president, Hüseyin Gülmez and our leather engineer, Cumhur Şirin with Turkey’s ambassador to Uzbekistan, Tashkent,  Mr. Erdoğan Aytun in his own office.


The view of Deri-Maksan stand at the leather fair held in Tehran, the capital of Iran. The view of our Iran representative, Mr. Sasani during a customer visit, after the fair


During the protocol establishment of leather factory with Deri-Maksan, the press image of the Minister of Light Industry of Uzbekistan, Batır Kadirovic Ergaşev, who would like to be acquainted with the leather factories and technology in Izmir while his visit to Menemen Organized Leather Industry Region.