Finiflex Machine


Finiflex Machine

General Description

Ironıng machine which puts the last touch and the brightness on the finished leather,also gives help to softening by breaking the veins and cartialage.

By the modern design of a powerful construction,full automatic working conditions can be provited.

Preparing (machines is getting worm) starting the operation,cooling (stopping the machine) starting and stopping the absorbent fan and heat-control can be realized automatically. By the innovation of the system providing the heattransver,the operating heat of the machine increased from 30 C to 110 C in 45 minutes. Since the machine shuts off itself automatically during cooling stage, there is no need a person to watch it over.

Generally,the machine consists chorome plated roller, dull-bladed collector ebonite roller, absorbent fan and heaters. Since all the parts are standart all kinds of spare parts are always present with in stocks.

Machine is under quarantee for year,with continues maintenance and service facilities.

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